Making Your Period Better

A period box to make your period better. A box that has all the essentials you need to help you "Embrace Your Dot."

Why Embrace Your Dot?

Embrace Your Dot only has one mission and that is to make your period better for all of those who menstruate. Let's be honest, we all hate our monthly visit from Aunt Flow but we have no other option. We have to embrace our dot and make the best of it! What better way than getting a monthly box with all your period essentials delivered straight to your door! 


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 Reviews from Real Customers

  • Emily from @ClassyCasita

    What I love about this company is that it is woman-owned. It literally has everything you can possibly need during that time of the month. This box couldn't have came at a better time!"

  • Fernanda

    So worth my money! Thank you Embrace Your Dot!

  • Dechane't

    I love it!! Embrace Your Dot did a really good job on picking out the contents in each box!

June Box

Focusing on you and what you really need this month, we have brought you  amazing products for your period guaranteed to help you feel like you can battle anything during your period. This month is all about self-care and your yoni health. 

FEATURING  Handcrafted Yoni Herbs Steam, Handcrafted Soap (Lavender or Oats),  Heat Patch, Silk Sleep Mask (pink or black), multi-colored silk scrunchies for those tough days, Face Mask, Organic Tampons/Pads, Panty Liners, Rose Water Down There Wipes, POP CORNERS and Nature Valley Trail Mix Bar for those PMS cravings!


Over $65 in value!